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Our Medical Legal Services

Clinical Negligence

The laws on clinical negligence are complex and at times, confounding. Mr Baguley has experience of providing reports dealing with breach of duty, liability and causation, as well as condition and prognosis. Particularly, Mr Baguley is experienced in utilising both the Bolam Test and the Bolitho Test, as well as the most recent litigation involving the Montgomery case in 2015, which concerns consent. Mr Baguley has experience in dealing with clinical negligence claims, both from the Defendant, as well as the Claimant’s viewpoint.

Personal Injury

Mr Baguley’s experience of personal injury claims, extends over the past 17 years, providing reports both for the Defendant, as well as the Claimant. Mr Baguley has experience of dealing with the Equality Act 2010, and can confirm at examination, whether the Claimant fulfils the criteria to be included in the Disability Act 2010.


Mr Baguley has experience in all aspects of clinical negligence work, as well as personal injury. His medical experience of over 35 years, as well as his positions within the NHS and privately, have assisted him in understanding the roles of both Defendant and Claimant Solicitors. He can offer mediation services, between both parties, to assist with claims, rather than taking them to Court.